My Lucky Tummy is a multinational popup food court. Every January & October we have a party for 400 (or so) lucky diners in Syracuse, NY.  

Tickets typically run $25, sometimes a bit more on the fundraisers.  The food rocks.  The people rock even more.

Most of our team have arrived in town as refugees, but others are here as students, via lottery or have roots going way, way back.  

Whatever the case, here's the upshot: It's fun to work with people from all over.  And it's good to be reminded what a resilient, imaginative, welcoming species we can be.

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We held our final party on May 25, 2019.

My Lucky Tummy was always an experiment, a hunch, a lark. Now we’re graduating onto a MUCH bigger experiment:

Salt City Market - a Food Hall & Public Market coming to Syracuse in 2020.

The party is going away - but bigger, beautiful things await.

Lucky us!

My Lucky Tummy is a social enterprise that pays home chefs very well & fosters a fun, chill work environment.