Our party happens twice a year & the food rocks.  But the people rock even more. Most of our team have arrived in town as refugees., but others are here as students, via a lottery or have roots going way, way back to before we were even a country.  Whatever the case, here's the upshot:    

It's fun to work with people from all over.  (And it's good to be reminded what a resilient, imaginative, welcoming species we can be.)

Buy Tickets

Our party takes place twice a year at All Saints, Harrison Center, 1342 Lancaster Ave, in Syracuse. Next one is on Saturday, October 1 from 5-8 pm.  

(We used to do them more often, but these days we're pretty busy opening up a Teaching Restaurant & Entrepreneur Incubator with OCC Workforce Development over on North Salina Street; more on that soon.  Cool, huh?)

Anyhow, back to the party:

Tickets ($25) go on sale 2 weeks before & are limited to 125 arrivals per hour. Kids 10-14 are $10.  Younger kids pay whatever you think is fair. Former/future MLT chefs + a guest come for free.  

No need to print out a receipt; we'll have your name at the door.

Tickets include visits to all 5 food stations & a cool nonalcoholic beverage.  Unless it's pork (which we do but rarely, in a separate kitchen) all meat is halal.  Beer from Griffin Hill is a little extra.  Absolutely everything we give you - cups, forks, you name it - is compost friendly.  Just bring it back to the bar when you're done & we'll schlep it to OCCRA.   

If you have a food allergy shoot us an email & we'll try our very best to accommodate you..