Our party happens twice a year.  The food rocks.  The people rock even more.

Most of our team have arrived in town as refugees, but others are here as students, via lottery or have roots going way, way back to before we were even a country.  Whatever the case, here's the upshot:    

It's fun to work with people from all over.  And it's good to be reminded what a resilient, imaginative, welcoming species we can be.

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Our next popup is on Saturday, February 4 from 5-8 pm @ All Saints, Harrison Center, 1342 Lancaster Ave, Syracuse).  

Tickets ($25, limited to 300) are on sale below. 

Kids 10-14 are $10.  Younger kids?  Pay whatever you think is fair (maybe bring some crayons or paper for the big art table; just don't bring glitter!!).

Former/future MLT chefs + a guest come for free.  

For an additional $10 grab a seat for a cooking class (limited to 2o people) on the history of lentils & how to make magical things with masoor, moong & urad dal. There will be samples!

No need to print out a receipt; we'll have your name at the door.

Tickets include visits to all 5 food stations & a cool nonalcoholic beverage. Unless it's pork (which we do but rarely) all meat is halal.  Beer from Griffin Hill is a little extra.  Absolutely everything we give you - cups, forks, you name it - is compost friendly.  Just bring it back to the bar when you're done & we'll schlep it to OCCRA.   

If you have a food allergy shoot us an email & we'll try our very best to accommodate you..


February Dinner Party
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